FoodTec RMS

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The RMS Recipe Manager is PrintDaily’s flagship product for the Ultimate Central Kitchen Solution. Unique and one-of-its-kind in Malaysia, F&B and IT converges in this app for a powerful, comprehensive and dynamic knowledge retention system for F&B users to simultaneously document procedures while cooking, among other usages.The RMS system comes in various modules to assist in managing and running kitchens at tip-top performance. Say goodbye to “kitchen production-related” problems with RMS Recipe Manager.

  • RMS Recipe Card
  • RMS Training Module
  • RMS Job Production and Labeling

Key features of RMS Recipe Manager

  • Simultaneous documentation of cooking procedures for long term consistency and quality
  • Convenient preparation of dish based on number of persons
- Access control feature to safeguard the ownership
- Step-by-step instruction via video recording and photo taking feature for comprehensive cooking procedure
  • Recipe approval mechanism for quality control
  • Cloud-based storage

Watch how RMS can help you:

RMS Recipe Manager App

RMS Central Kitchen Solution Overview